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Company history
Demcorp Solutions is a professional and skilled Commercial, Residential and Industrial Strip Out Company that has been involved in property re-structuring and asset building for clients over the past 18 years.

Who We Service:
Real estate agents, commercial property investor’s, architects, project manager’s, builder’s, owner builders, managed super funds, private home owners and more.

We Offer Our Clients:
Strip Outs – Commercial, Retail, Residential and Industrial.
Asbestos Removal – Homes, Garages, Factories and commercial properties.
Rubbish Removal – Clean Ups of all types of properties and recycling including free steel pick up (conditions apply).
Detail Demolition – Hand demolition of roof and floor structures, dismantling of steel awnings, jackhammering of openings in walls, saw cutting, penetrations in slabs all of which assists in the restructuring and fit-out process.
Detail Excavation – Hand excavation of driveways, footings, trenches, backfilling, landscaping, retaining walls and difficult to get to areas to prepare and assist sites for new services.
Structural/Beam Placement – Propping and supporting structural walls and placement of beams (steel or other) including metal fabrication and welding.

We understand our clients’ needs by being able to sustain and deliver Reliable, Flexible, Honest, Safe and an On Time approach to every project whether it be LARGE or SMALL. Working with Demcorp Solutions means you’re getting an experienced partner and a committed friend in the demolition industry to help you achieve your clients or your properties transformation to obtain your ultimate goal.