Alarm Systems

Whether you are in the process of acquiring or designing a new house or building or even interested in protecting the existing one you occupy, Sectacom can assist you in designing any type of residential or commercial system you require

When you turn the lights off and lock the doors are you protected? With Sectacom be assured that you are protected against the risk of vandalism and theft.

When computers, laptops and other valuable electronic s and personal items are stolen there is more cost to you hard ache and your family or your business than just the replacement cost of these items. Downtime, loss of production, trade secrets or confidential information and increased insurance costs are rarely considered until it's too late.

A security system or an alarm system is a set of electronic components that are installed in the home or business that monitors for dangerous situations such as a break in or a fire. A security system consists of detection equipment such as a control module, a keypad, and a siren. Most alarm systems set off an internal siren and a external strobe and sirens which can alert residents and neighbours, or for the most concerned customer have their homes or business monitored by an security monitoring company.

An alarm system installed by Sectacom provides peace of mind when you are at work, on vacation and even at home asleep.